Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pet Friendly Rentals- A Landlord's Strongest Asset

     The faster you find a renter, the less money you have to put from your own pocket into an investment that should be MAKING YOU MONEY.  There truly is nothing a dog (regardless of breed) can do to a home that can't be replaced quickly and for the most part- inexpensively.
     Giuseppe and Enzo have ruined many a things in their day- shoes, curtains, carpets, and our couch. Plus their incessant digging problem and the chewing of shrubs. Carpets can be cleaned. Couches can be shampooed. Holes can be filled and shrubs can be returned to the store within one year with the receipt.
    Get references, trust in the safety net of the security deposit, and get more focused on cashing those rent checks!

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